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Can we do large orders for a discount?


The LLESA Online store is designed to handle one-at-a-time orders.  If you want more than 10 of any given item, please call me at 925-989-6039925-989-6039to discuss pricing and other options.

Can we do a custom design?



The LLESA Online store is designed to handle very basic LLNL logos.  If you have a special logo that you want or a special shirt for the upcoming department function, do not hesitate to ask.  Please call me at 925-989-6039925-989-6039 to discuss your specific needs.

When will my Order Ship?

Please understand, all of your orders are processed to your individual specifications.  These are not items that are sitting on a warehouse shelf just waiting to be shipped.  We do not order your item until you order them from us.  Some items are not always available on the West Coast and will be shipping from as far away as Philadelphia.  Therefore, please remember that it can take up to three weeks from the time you order until the time that your order ships.


All items are warrantied again faults in workmanship for a period of one year.  Returns are allowed only if prearranged with JB Logo & Design.